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7-7:30am –       Registration

7:30-7:45am – P3 Introduction

7:45am-8am – Rules Introduction

8am-4pm – Pool Play

5pm-6pm – Round 1 Single Elimination Tournament

6-6:30pm – Round 2 Single Elimination Tournament

6:30-7pm – Quarterfinals

7-7:30pm – Semifinals

7:30-8pm – FINALS

8-8:15 – Awards Ceremony

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Tournament Pool Play will begin at 8:00am and End at 4:00pm.
*Each Game will consist of an 18-minute game, starting exactly on schedule.  (No Overtime will be allowed)
*There will be 2 minutes between each game to clear the court for the 2 upcoming teams.

Teams will play to 21 points (or until the 18-minutes is up.)

Officials on the court will keep track of fouls, score, and time.  Officials at each game have full control of each game.

Stalling will not be permitted.  A move towards the basket or a pass must be made every 10 seconds or it will result in a stalling violation resulting in a possession turnover.

Pool Play Tournament Rules:
Every team will draw for their pool and position at registration.

There will be 32 Pools of 4 Teams.
Each Team in each pool will play each.
The winner o...

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Only the first 128 Teams that register will be allowed into the tournament.

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For questions about P3 and its community partners – feel free to contact any of the following:

Janice Wright – Program Director
P – (316) 290-8822
F – (316) 290-8809
E – JWright@KSBBBS.org


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About P3

“P3″ – Positive Pathways Program is a community-wide program intended to improve the long-term labor market prospects of youth, ages 16-24, that have a history with the juvenile justice system.  Through strategic collaboration, P3 aims to find a sustainable and community-rooted solution to reducing crime and enhancing positive opportunities for youth.

How do we help?
-P3 provides intense support and encouragement to overcome obstacles leading to involvement in the juvenile justice system.
-P3 empowers participants to achieve goals and avoid future obstacles through education, guidance, and community service.

Youth in this program are part of wrap around services through a community partnership.  These services include:

  • Employment
  • Education and training
  • Mentoring
  • Restorative Justice
  • Coor...
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